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Villa Ravioli has created the perfect menu for your weekly family meals and get-togethers with friends. Our delectable recipes are sure to inspire you – and make life easier! Here’s what’s on the menu today!
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To provide you with the freshest products possible, we use a freezing process that captures flavours at the peak of their freshness. You will therefore enjoy a fresher product that has not aged like one that’s been refrigerated.

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Agnollotto à la Pavarotti
Heart Medallions with Rosée Sauce
Pan-fried gnocchi with mesclun salad
Three cheeses and basil Conchiglie
Fazzolletti with Mushrooms and Proscuitto
Bites of Sausage-Stuffed Tortellini with Tomato Salsa
Hexagonali with white wine, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes
Rotolo Di Pasta Alla Arrabiata with Two-Chip Watercress Salad
“alla Bolognese” beef stuffed ravioli
Cheese manicotti with rosée sauce
Creamy Pesto Gnocchi with Italian Sausage
Tortellini Alla Gigi
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