Our recipes

“alla Bolognese” beef stuffed ravioli
Agnollotto à la Pavarotti
Bites of Sausage-Stuffed Tortellini with Tomato Salsa
Cavatelli with Wild Mushrooms and Arugula
Cheese manicotti with rosée sauce
Cheese-stuffed Tortellini with Bolognese Sauce
Creamy Pesto Gnocchi with Italian Sausage
Cute lasagna cupcake with ricotta and vegetables, bolognese sauce
Fazzolletti with Mushrooms and Proscuitto
Fettucini carbonara
Heart Medallions with Rosée Sauce
Hearty Soup with Veal-Stuffed Tortellini
Hexagonali with white wine, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes
Pan-fried gnocchi with mesclun salad
Ravioli Lasagna, Neapolitan Sauce and Vegetables
Ravioli with grilled vegetables
Ricotta and Spinach Manicotti with Pesto-Cream Sauce
Rotolo Di Pasta Alla Arrabiata with Two-Chip Watercress Salad
Three cheeses and basil Conchiglie
Tortellini “alla Caprese” salad
Tortellini Alla Gigi
Traditional Lasagna Rosée with Neapolitan Sauce
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